Who We Are

Simply Colorful

About Chroma Project


Chroma Project was founded by a group of good friends with one mission in mind: to go the extra mile in wedding and event management. Having collaboratively worked together on various projects, we know we share the same passion for beauty– the kind of beauty that not only is pleasing to the eye but also brings joy to the heart. Years of experience have taught us that event management is so much more than choosing a venue and organizing vendors; it is about understanding you – our client – and your objectives, and then designing an event that actually meets these objectives.

Every event is a celebration of a moment, and at the heart of each celebrated moment, there are beautiful feelings and a unique story. It is our goal to create an atmosphere that represents these feelings and a visual mood that is inspired by this story. How do we achieve this? Well, at the beginning of every project, the first thing we do is set one creative concept that is tailor made to suit the client’s unique preferences and needs. This concept will be the center of every creative decision we make. And at the end of the day, those who attend your event will actually feel what you want them to feel and hopefully will be inspired by it.

Our Services

At Chroma Project, we have a solid team who work together toward the same vision in providing the best integrated services for your events:






Multimedia Visual Display


Concept & Planning

Every space, be it a five-star hotel ballroom or the backyard where you spent your childhood, is a canvas ready to be painted with colors and styles that are uniquely yours. Our decoration ideas and concepts come from processes of understanding what our clients want, need, and love.



Significant lighting makes a significant difference. A good lighting design creates depth, amplifies dimension, and, most importantly, enhance the mood you want to accomplish. A good lighting design also complements the room decoration and surrounding. We provide custom-designed lighting arrangement for various events including weddings, concerts, and corporate events.



There’s more than one way to show off those pictures, videos, and graphics. Combined with the suitable venue decoration and lighting design, our collection of visual display options will make your event more colorful and inspiring.



When handling an event, we are always committed to taking informed decisions best suited to the characteristics of the event, which is why it is essential for us to begin every project by learning not only about the event but also about the client.